Returning in May 2019
Boston, MA



Chronic kidney disease has been an unmet medical need for too long. Recognition of R&D pipelines pioneering to combat this socially and financially debilitating condition and leveraging of lessons from unsuccessful therapeutics is fundamental to accelerate individual pipelines and advance the field as a whole.

CKD3 is industry’s first end-to-end drug development forum which tackles the challenges drug developers face in developing more efficacious therapeutics targeting CKD. Aptly timed to benchmark recent successes in the clinic, CKD3 will dissect the failings and progress to date including the use of molecular reclassification, whole genome sequencing and multi-omics to better inform clinical progress and accelerate towards precision medicine success.

Attending this industry driven forum will enable you to:

  • Identify molecular defined subgroups of patients to optimize clinical trial design
  • More effectively translate from preclinical to clinical development
  • Understand the requirements of next generation therapeutics from the perspective of the payer

Download the full event guide to view the complete agenda and speaker line-up.