Chronic Kidney Disease Drug Development (CKD3) focuses exclusively on overcoming challenges limiting the development of more efficacious and disease modifying drugs against diabetic nephropathy, genetic and glomerular kidney disease.

Incorporating insights from 25+ industry leading speakers, this uniquely specific forum assesses key clinical and translational hurdles and the hottest emerging research necessary to achieve the potential of next generation CKD drugs.

Join 80+ of your colleagues to accelerate the development of SGLT-2 inhibitors, antagonists of renal fibrosis and more, and advance the clinical validity and commercial viability for next generation standards of care.

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“ I thought this disease specific conference was informative, by planning a concentrated topic it gave an opportunity to look through a tighter lens."


"This is my 3rd Hanson Wade conference and I have left each time very satisfied having considerably improved my knowledge base and meeting some serious experts in the field"

Daichii Sankyo