What to Expect from a Digital Event

Live Q&A

Ask your questions directly to presenteres in real-time, just as you would at a conference

Private Message Attendees

Through our visible attendee list you can privately message participants and set up calls at your convenience

Audience Disciussions

Up to ten participants can join a group, all on video, and we'll be hosting ice-breakers and structured activities throughout the conference

Virtual Exhibition

Speak directly with leading vendors and understand their products, just as you would at a conference

An Interactive Online Experience

“A great interactive experience among industry and academic colleagues and potential collaborators, sharing knowledge to advance science and drug discovery”

“Excellent conference with superb technical support and communication between the organizers and the attendees/speakers”

“Impressive digital conference, perhaps the format of the future”

“Exciting new way of participating in scientific conference and discussion”

“Very informative. It was well organized and easy to follow especially after watching the short instructional video. I look forward to attending future meetings”

Hanson Wade Digital Delegates 2020


The digital 3rd CKD3 Summit is committed to delivering CKD drug sponsor's best opportunity to gain high-quality insights and connections expected at an in-person event in a format designed to maximize knowledge-sharing and networking without the need to travel.

Tightly focused on advancing chronic kidney disease drug development and including multiple types of networking opportunity - from business speed dating, through to virtual poster sessions and panel discussions - you will meet and engage the entire audience 1-to-1 and/or in groups to gain value beyond the presentations alone.


Seamless Content Sharing

The “stage areas” are where you will be able to live-stream each speaker’s presentation and ask your questions in the live event chat for Q&As, comments, audience polls and more.

Join the “sessions areas” for the poster session where groups for 10-20 can listen to a poster abstract presentation in a more discursive and intimate setting. Present your abstract or engage in discussion with likeminded peers and topic area experts.


Virtual Networking

Engage with over 80 other CKD drug sponsors and thought leaders during scheduled breaks, organized networking sessions including speed networking and the poster session, and through “corridor conversations” using the direct chat function.

Scroll through the other attendees and invite participants to 1-2-1 video calls or network privately over chat. You can share screens and even add individuals to your contacts list to collaborate with further after the event.

Break the ice with speed networking and be randomly connected with another attendee in your area of focus in CKD for 4-minute sessions before you move onto the next contact. Make those crucial face-to-face connections with as many people as possible from the start so you can maximize the rest of the networking opportunities to follow up with those of interest during the rest of the Summit.


Digital Offering for Sponsors

Increased Brand Exposure: Showcase your expertise and services to the highly selective and engaged audience you come to expect from CKD3 with branding throughout the platform and a dedicated digital marketing campaign

Virtual Booth: Present your products in one easily accessible place where attendees can meet your company representatives and go straight to your website

Engage with the Industry:Network seamlessly across multiple opportunities with senior decision makers working in the space who need your solutions and services to streamline their CKD drug development

We will be using Hopin to deliver this event digitally. Click below to take a closer look at the platform and see what you can expect on the day:

All of the above functionality will form an integrated, seamless event experience. We can’t wait to share it with you.