Alex Duncan

Alex Duncan

Company: Walden Biosciences

Job title: Chief Scientific Officer


Keeping Kidneys Calm & Carrying on Working 2:15 pm

Uncovering the kidney as a site of action to reverse disease progression Preventing kidney inflammatory signals from the outside in Restoring cytoskeletal architecture to preserve function from the inside outRead more

day: Track 1 - Day 1 PM

Panel Discussion: How Can We Invigorate AKI Drug Development? Identifying Novel Targets & Establishing a Pathway to Surmount Challenges in Biomarkers & Precision Medicine 2:15 pm

What can we learn from clinical setbacks in AKI? Addressing translational barriers in AKI: optimizing models to predict efficacy and biomarkers of therapeutic target engagement Characterizing endophenotypes through omics approaches to enable comprehensive, longitudinal understanding of AKIRead more

day: Seminar Day

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