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Welcome to the 4th Chronic Kidney Disease Drug Development Summit (CKD3)

The 4th Chronic Kidney Disease Drug Development Summit (CKD3) is the definitive industry forum dedicated to presenting actionable insights into how the latest scientific research is being applied to pipeline progress in chronic kidney disease.

Shake hands with industry pioneers prioritizing the development of therapeutic treatments to complement the new standard of care and understand how you can leverage advances in precision medicine, early biomarkers of efficacy and clinical trial updates to inform your strategic decisions.

Unmissable highlights for 2022:

  • Harness next generation¬†in vivo¬†and¬†in vitro¬†models including kidney organoids and 3D bioprinting with¬†AstraZeneca¬†and¬†Novo Nordisk¬†to investigate disease mechanisms and predict efficacy
  • Pivot to decentralized trials and measure incremental benefit of novel therapeutics to complement the new standard of care with Boehringer Ingelheim, Bayer, and GSK to innovate your trial design
  • Deep dive into critical pathways driving the AKI-CKD progression with Johnson & Johnson, Brigham & Women‚Äôs Hospital, and AM-Pharma; and investigate preventative strategies and early diagnostic biomarkers of AKI to drive a pathway to clinical success
  • Critically analyze the opportunities to implement surrogate endpoints in trial design with the FDA, Pfizer, and University of Groningen to understand how eGFR, albuminuria, and real-world evidence can be used to demonstrate long-term efficacy in practice
  • Leverage the potential of inhibiting the complement system in rare renal diseases such as C3 glomerulopathy and aHUS with Alexion and AstraZeneca to illuminate the best pathways to target for therapeutic intervention

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