About Event

What You Will Gain from Attending CKD3


1..Networking: Network one-to-one with cross-industry, cross-discipline experts prioritizing DKD, FSGS, IgA nephropathy, C3 glomerulopathy, lupus nephritis, Alport’s syndrome and polycystic kidney disease to understand their work to accelerating drugs to dramatically impact patient lives


2. Actionable Insights: Hear first-hand how the latest scientific understanding is being applied to pipeline progress enabling you to benchmark your decisions against others in the field and gain innovative foresight to address challenges before you reach them.


3. Sharing your data: Present your own work to your peers and thought leaders to gain critical and candid feedback that could be pivotal to opening up partnerships and changing the trajectory of your program


From navigating trial endpoints to the potential and practicalities of precision medicine, CKD3 will unite preclinical, clinical and medical affairs decision makers under one roof for the third year.

  • Interrogate patient data sets to identify genetic drivers and targetable mutations to advance the progress of more precise, targeted and disease-modifying precision medicine
  • Understand mechanisms driving beneficial effects of SGLT-2 inhibition and define standard of care in high eGFR populations to inform additional drug development opportunity and strategy
  • Assess novel bioengineering technologies to enhance disease recapitulation in vivo and improve the predictability of drug discovery for glomerular diseases
  • Leverage the potential of AI to create and manipulate hypothesis from large data sets for greater understand of mechanisms driving disease and meaningful targets for drug development
  • Navigate patient recruitment, regulatory approval and reimbursement for orphan indications, and assess the opportunity to deliver a wider public health benefit at a later stage.