Pre-Conference Seminar Day

Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Novel Insights into Mechanisms of Injury, Precision Medicine & Learnings from Clinical Setbacks to Enlighten Drug Development for Acute Kidney Injury

9:55 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

10:00 am Unraveling the Transition from AKI to CKD to Impede Progression to End-Stage Renal Disease

  • Joseph Bonventre Chief of the Division of Renal Medicine & Founding Chief of the Engineering in Medicine Division , Brigham & Women’s Hospital


  • Identifying critical pathways in AKI-CKD progression and preventative strategies
  • Evaluating biomarkers of AKI and CKD for earlier diagnosis, and to improve prognosis
  • Investigating therapeutic strategies to prevent CKD progression after AKI

10:30 am Understanding Mechanisms of Injury, Repair & Progression In Vivo Using 2-Photon Microscopy

  • Bruce Molitoris Distinguished Professor of Medicine & Physiology, Indiana University


  • Developing preclinical model systems to understand the pathophysiologic mechanisms for AKI and AKI induced development and progression of CKD
  • Visualizing dynamic interactions between the microvasculature, epithelial and interstitial cells in AKI and CKD
  • Exploring potential therapeutic targets for the AKI to CKD transition

11:00 am Morning Break & Networking

12:00 pm Biomarkers as Clinical Trial Tools in AKI Studies

  • Chirag Parikh Director, Division of Nephrology, Johns Hopkins University


  • Reviewing biomarker categories as they pertain to clinical trials
  • Analyzing biomarker candidates for early diagnostic and prognostic purposes in AKI trials
  • Facilitating earlier diagnosis of AKI and recognition of patients at risk of AKI, to slow disease progression

12:30 pm Navigating Challenges in AKI Clinical Development & Potential Enrichment Tools to Aid Clinical Development

  • Hideo Makimura Vice President & Head, Translational & Experimental Medicine, Cardiovascular & Metabolism Therapeutic Area, Johnson & Johnson


  • Identifying challenges in AKI clinical development
  • Implementing biomarkers and data science approaches to enrich the patient population in large clinical trials
  • What is the next step in clinical development for AKI?

1:00 pm Networking Lunch

2:00 pm What Does Smarter Clinical Trial Design & Better Readouts Look Like for AKI?


  • What have we learned from clinical setbacks?
  • Reviewing serum creatinine and hard endpoints for AKI
  • Selecting novel biomarkers to monitor disease progression and therapeutic efficacy

2:30 pm Panel Discussion: How Can We Invigorate AKI Drug Development? Identifying Novel Targets & Establishing a Pathway to Surmount Challenges in Biomarkers & Precision Medicine


  • What can we learn from clinical setbacks in AKI?
  • Addressing translational barriers in AKI: optimizing models to predict efficacy and biomarkers of therapeutic target engagement
  • Characterizing endophenotypes through omics approaches to enable comprehensive, longitudinal understanding of AKI

3:10 pm Chair’s closing remarks