Kerry Cooper

Kerry Cooper

Company: Vera Therapeutics

Job title: Senior Vice President - Medical Affairs


Panel Discussion | Bringing Drugs Evaluated in Trial Cohorts Selected Based on Proteinuria Enrichment into Practical Application in Real-World Scenarios 11:00 am

Recognizing that the enrichment criteria employed in a trial do not necessarily limit a drug’s suitability exclusively to that specific population in real-world scenarios Translating the evidence generated in trials into suitable recommendations for treating patients with varying UACRs Discussing how clinical practice guidelines anticipate keeping pace with the rapidly evolving landscape of new CKD…Read more

day: Day 2 Track 3 AM

Highlighting the Potential Role of BlyS & APRIL in the Pathogenesis of IgA Nephropathy 1:15 pm

Discussing the plausible role of both BlyS and APRIL in the pathogenesis of IgA nephropathy Discussing the rationale for combined inhibition of these cytokines in the treatment of IgA nephropathy Reviewing phase 2b data on atacicept in the treatment of IgA nephropathy and the design of the ORIGIN3 studyRead more

day: Pre-Conference Seminar Day

Panel Discussion | Novel Targets in Development for IgA Nephropathy: Where are the Current Late Phase Trials Heading? 11:00 am

From complement to APRIL to ETA: what targets are currently in development and looking most promising? Exploring new treatment possibilities with combinational targeting Exploring the current thinking on IgA pathogenesis to direct priorities for future target developmentRead more

day: Pre-Conference Seminar Day

Panel Discussion | Evaluating the Evolving Treatment Landscape for IgA Nephropathy: What Happens Next as More & More Therapies Emerge? 2:45 pm

As more approvals emerge within the IgAN landscape, how will the evolving standard of care make showing efficacy on top of these other therapies harder? It may require multiple therapies with distinct MOAs to optimally treat the patient with IgAN; how can industry best help enhance further knowledge about the efficacy and safety of potential…Read more

day: Pre-Conference Seminar Day

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