Matthias Kretzler

Matthias Kretzler

Company: University of Michigan

Job title: Professor of Internal Medicine & Bioinformatics


Panel Discussion: Redefining Inclusion & Exclusion Criteria in Trials to Optimize Development & Study Multiple Outcomes 11:00 am

• Navigating inclusion of patients with underlying conditions and comorbidities • Diabetic complications, cardiovascular complications, children, and transplant patients: who should we be including in trials? • Rethinking patient selection through reviewing staging, fast progressors and comorbidities to reflect target patient groupsRead more

day: Track 2 - Day 2 AM

Precision, Precision, Precision: Building the Kidney Tissue Atlas to Map the Target Landscape of CKD & AKI, One Biopsy at a Time 11:00 am

• Pursuing molecular phenotyping to enable deep characterization of disease etiology • Translating understanding of heterogeneous disease pathogenesis to actionable clinical benefit • Next steps for the Kidney Precision Medicine Project: defining new markers and treatment targets to make personalized, effective, and safe treatmentsRead more

day: Track 1 - Day 1 AM

Panel Discussion: A New Paradigm in Therapeutic Development for AKI: Reenergizing Predictive Biomarkers, Clinical Studies & Endpoint Development 3:00 pm

• What can we learn from clinical setbacks in AKI? • Driving collaboration to forge a new clinical pathway and aligning on payer interests • Imaging, serum markers and eGFR: what’s on the horizon and what is needed to validate a new endpoint?Read more

day: Seminar Day

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