Romer Gonzalez-Villalobos

Romer Gonzalez-Villalobos

Company: Janssen

Job title: Scientific Director, Kidney Diseases


Panel Discussion | Sharing Learnings from Successful Model Systems Used to Demonstrate Efficacy of Treatment in CKD & Accelerate Progression to the Clinic 1:30 pm

Ensuring confidence of in vivo or in vitro kidney tissue to behave like in the human condition Assessing the suitability of different models for testing specific targets Despite successes, outlining key aspects of preclinical model development in CKD that require further refinement to enhance translational capabilitiesRead more

day: Day 2 Track 1 PM

Generating Robust & Predictive In Vivo Systems to Model CKD at Various Stages & Truly Capture Specific Pathophysiology 1:30 pm

Tweaking and refining singular genetic mutations to confidently recapitulate the human form Discussing developments that have been made to demonstrate the suitability of different models for testing particular targets Exploring how to induce CKD in animal systems in the most translatable wayRead more

day: Day 1 Track 1 PM

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